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2016 CSD Education Survey had a 93% return! Mark your calendars for late July to participate in the 2017 survey that will collect data for the fall 2016 through summer 2017 academic year. Thank you for your participation.

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The 2014-2015 CSD Education Survey Reports, including National Aggregate and Individual State Aggregate Reports, are available. Click Here for more information.

Foundations of Clinical Education

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As we wrap up the 2015-2016 academic year, it’s time to consider the activities and accomplishments of CAPCSD across this academic year. As a starting point for reflection, it is useful to revisit the vision statement of CAPCSD which is “to be the definitive source of leadership, education and advocacy for academic programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders”. Below is a summary of initiatives addressed this year, based on our current strategic plan which you can find at  (http://www.capcsd.org/about-capcsd-2/our-strategic-plan/ ).

It’s exciting to see the growth and refinement of CSDCAS via the launch of version 3.0 this year. Programs are now able to customize their CSDCAS portal and students have mobile-friendly access to the system. CSDCAS processed applications for 9,152 students with more than 30,700 applications submitted. There are currently 109 SLP programs and 31 AuD programs who are CSDCAS members. We welcome the following new members for the 2016-2017 year: Biola University; Fort Hays State University; Harding University; Howard University; Marquette University, Michigan State University and Rockhurst University. This year, for the first time, CSDCAS members will be recording data on enrollments, allowing us to track data at application, acceptance and enrollment phases. During the 2015-16 year CSDCAS held Education Days in Orlando, Philadelphia, New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles. The collaboration between Liason and our CSDCAS committee has yielded a powerful and effective tool for managing the application process. Thank you to the CSDCAS Committee members who have given time and energy to this important CAPCSD initiative. The committee is chaired by Julie Masterson with members including Kenn Apel, Larry Boles, Kerry Mandulak, Jim Tsiamtsiouris, Kathy Vander Werff and Barb Vento. As the number of CSDCAS member programs increases, faculty efficiency improves and student management of the application process is enhanced. Programs interested in learning more about CSDCAS can find information at http://www.capcsd.org/csdcas/csdcas-program/

The annual CAPCSD conference is a key event for our organization. The theme of the 2016 Conference was CAPCSD Collaborations: Creating Connections. We topped off conference registration with 503 attendees and 44 exhibitors. The conference program covered a diverse range of topics, for example: strategies for improving student success; approaching difficult conversations with faculty members; setting up telepractice methods for clinical education and service delivery; and guidelines on Medicare reimbursement and coding. A special thank you goes out to the members of the 2016 Conference Committee including Jennifer Taylor (Chair), Mike Bamdad, Karen Bryant, Lynn Flahive and Julie Wolter. Two awards were given at the conference this year. Melody Harrison was awarded the Honors of the Council for her extensive service and contributions to CAPCSD. The Diversity Award was given to the Communication Disorders Department at Texas State University – San Marcos for their focused efforts on expanding the cultural competence and diversity of faculty and students. It is notable that more than 40% of their undergraduate and graduate students are from culturally diverse backgrounds. The program’s success has evolved from focused efforts in recruitment combined with structured support systems to help students be successful in their studies.

The strategic plan includes expanding the social media presence of CAPCSD. Our new Social Media Committee members include Leslie Gruber (Chair); Kandis Chatman; Lindsey Jorgensen; Amanda Stead; and Pam Terrell. At the 2016 conference, Pam took lead in initiating postings on our social media sites to connect participants with one another. Please join us at Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/capcsd/ , Twitter https://twitter.com/capcsd1 and Instagram http://instagram.com/capcsd.

One of the core values of CAPCSD is to uphold, advance and support the highest standards of academic excellence to enhance the educational quality of all member programs. Last summer the CAPCSD board approved a plan to develop an on-line instructional website focused on best practices in clinical education. Vice President for Standards, Credentials, and Clinical Education Carol Dudding has been hard at work with the Clinical Educator Resources Committee members, Elaine Mormer, Ellen Reuler and Katie Strong, in conjunction with EDC, our on-line instructional design team. The first set of materials target Foundations in Clinical Teaching and was created with the assistance of content matter experts Mark DeRuiter, Judith Brasseur, and Liz McCrea. The content matter experts for our second course, Nancy Alarcon and Marilyn Wark, address the topic of Effective Clinical Education Relationships. Each course is based on multidisciplinary research which can be applied to clinical teaching in audiology and speech/language pathology. The website will include varied strategies to enhance learning, including readings, teaching tools, sample scenarios, video vignettes and discussion boards. The first two courses will be available to member programs in the fall. Each program will be given an access code that they can pass on to their own clinical instructors (both in-house and externship supervisors); the courses will include CEUs through ASHA and AAA. We see this initiative as benefitting all member programs and contributing to the quality of clinical education for our students. CAPCSD has plans for developing four additional clinical education courses across the next two years.

One of CAPCSD’s core values is to help develop visionary leadership. The Leadership Academy and the CAPCSD PhD Scholarship competition are two initiatives directed at building sustainable leadership in CSD. As part of pre-conference events, CAPCSD sponsored our second Leadership Academy, which included 20 participants who spent two full days with Dr. Jeffrey Buller (Dean of the Honors College at Florida Atlantic University) acquiring knowledge and skills to help prepare them for positions of leadership in academic settings. For those of you interested in the Leadership Academy 2017, watch the CAPCSD website for details on the application process. Ten PhD candidates were selected to each receive a $20,000 scholarship this year; two students received Plural Scholarships and one the Laven Service Award for a grand total of $209,000 given to support student education in 2016 (for a list of the awardees go to http://www.capcsd.org/funding-opportunities/2016-scholarship-awardees/). Across the last two years, CAPCSD has distributed $350,000 in scholarship funds to graduate students.

With the oversight of the Communication Committee, the CAPCSD Salary Survey was implemented in spring 2016 gathering data on the salaries of full-time faculty based on data from the 2014 – 2015 academic year. Thank you to the 173 member programs who participated, yielding a 60.5% response rate! The results of the Salary Survey are reported as aggregate data and will be available for programs in the fall. In the Fall semester the CSD Education Survey, a joint ASHA CAPCSD initiative, had a 92% response. The results of that survey will be published in June – so be on the lookout for the current data on student applications, acceptances, enrollments, graduations and employment. The CSD Education Survey 2016 will open up in August, so that programs have an opportunity to update their information for seniors who are applying to graduate programs in 2016-2017.

As the financial robustness of our organization has grown, the board (through member input) has been generating ideas for many new initiatives. Using an RFP initiative, the CAPCSD board has recently contracted with a financial planning organization, Campbell and Associates of Winter Haven, Florida. They will be working with the CAPCSD Financial Planning Committee and the CAPCSD Board to develop strategies for approaching long- and short-term financial planning within the context of a not-for-profit organization. Campbell and Associates will provide guidance in investment planning, budget development, and strategies for evaluating new initiatives. We feel this is a very important step in strengthening the infra-structure needed for CAPCSD. We will be updating you as guidelines are developed.

As we wrap up the year, several valuable board members are completing their terms at the end of June. I would like to thank Judy Vander Woude (Past President), Gregg Lof (Treasurer), and Richard Folsom (VP of Academic Affairs) for their many contributions to the CAPCSD leadership team. Their wisdom, pragmatism and wit will be missed! Much of the success of the CAPCSD board came from their many contributions across the past years. Thank you so much Judy, Rich and Gregg.

You can see from this summary that as an all-volunteer organization we have accomplished a lot. Thank you to all who have helped on various projects and committees this year. For those of you who are interested in working on a CAPCSD initiative in the future, let us know your interests by emailing Mary Chavez at mchavez@capcsd.org or Deborah Ortiz at dortiz@capcsd.org

Cheryl Messick

CAPCSD President