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2016 CSD Education Survey had a 93% return! Mark your calendars for late July to participate in the 2017 survey that will collect data for the fall 2016 through summer 2017 academic year. Thank you for your participation.

The 2014-2015 CSD Education Survey Reports, including National Aggregate and Individual State Aggregate Reports, are available. Click Here for more information.

Leadership Resources

CAPCSD is on the cutting-edge of our academic discipline in leadership training and development. Increasing access to quality leadership resources for program directors, clinic directors and faculty is one of our core values. Here are some books, articles, and web resources recommended by leaders in our discipline. Special thanks to Kenn Apel, Celia Hooper, Michael Kimbarrow, Ro Scudder for their contributions. If you have favorite resources to recommend, click here to send your suggestions!

 Current Resources:

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