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2016 CSD Education Survey had a 93% return! Mark your calendars for late July to participate in the 2017 survey that will collect data for the fall 2016 through summer 2017 academic year. Thank you for your participation.

2017 CAPCSD Conference Registration is now OPEN!! Click HERE

The 2014-2015 CSD Education Survey Reports, including National Aggregate and Individual State Aggregate Reports, are available. Click Here for more information.

Foundations of Clinical Education

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Status Reports

The current President pens the association’s Status Report regularly.  Please see links below to download in PDF Format.​

Current Status Reports:

Spring 2016

2015 Historical Reports:

Spring 2015

Fall 2015

2014 Historical Reports:

Fall 2014

Summer 2014

2013 Historical Reports:

Fall 2013

 Spring 2013

Winter 2013

2012 Historical Reports:

Fall 2012

Summer 2012