2017 Scholarship Awardees


Plural Publishing Research Awards

Emily Goldberg
University of Pittsburgh

Control of Lexical Inhibition in Deaf and Hearing Signer

Gabriela Meade
San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego

An ERP Study of Sublexical Organization in ASL.

Frances J. Laven Student Service Award

Kimberly Wood
California State University – San Marcos

PhD Scholarships

Genesis D. Arizmendi
University of Arizona

Develop a novel, functional translation task to measure language proficiency in Spanish-English bilingual children. 

Milijana Buac
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Examine how children with different language backgrounds (i.e., monolingual vs. bilingual) and children with distinct language abilities (i.e., with typical vs. impaired language skills) learn novel words from native compared to accented speakers.

Lisa Fitton
Florida State University

Test the application of a current theory of bilingual word recognition to young children and provide insight into the clinical relevance of assessing English word recognition in young English learners.

Samantha Gustafson
Vanderbilt University

Examine the development of speech-in-noise perception from childhood to adulthood.

Victoria Henbest
University of South Carolina

Determine the relation among phonological awareness, orthographic awareness, and word-level reading and spelling in school-age children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Compare the magnitude of the relations among phonological awareness, orthographic awareness, and word-level reading and spelling in children with and without ASD.

Margaret Hill
University of Missouri

Examine the relation of language ability, executive function, and socioeconomic status to initial word learning during reading among typically developing school-age children.

Cagla Kantarcigil
Purdue University

Examine the use of a non-invasive device in the remote management of dysphagia.

Rouzana Komesidou
University of Kansas

Examine the unique and interdependent influences of phonology and orthography on spelling in children with dyslexia.

Kazlin Mason
East Carolina University

Research involves the development of clinical applications for volumetric modeling of the velopharyngeal mechanism and nasopharyngeal airway using MRI and 3D computer visualization.

Monika-Maria Oster
University of Washington

Investigate whether 3- and 7-month old infants are able to use differences in sound onset and temporal envelopes to separate speech from competing speech.