Council of Graduate Programs in

Communication Sciences and Disorders (CGPCSD)


Palm Springs, CA

April 18, 1998

The Corporate Business Meeting and Plenary Session of the CGPCSD was convened at 10:35 by President Scudder. R. Scudder expressed special appreciation to M. Ambroe of Executive Administrative Services (EAS) and to the facilitators and recorders who served the Council well.

I. Appointment of Parliamentarian

J. Pettit accepted appointment to serve as Parliamentarian for the Corporate Business Meeting and Plenary Session.

II. Approval of Minutes: Business Meeting and Plenary Session, November, 1997

A motion to approve the minutes was made/seconded/passed (M/S/P) unanimously by voice vote.

III. Approval of Agenda

A motion to approve the agenda was M/S/P unanimously by voice vote.

IV. Committee Reports

  1. Membership Update (Nash)
  2. There are 242 graduate programs in the database; 222 (91.7%) are member programs and 20 (8.3%) are nonmember programs. Programs that are new to the database are: Marywood University, PA; Jackson State University, MS, and Seton Hall University, NJ.

    New member programs include: Arkansas State University, AR (Mike McDaniel, Ph.D.); Louisiana Tech, LA (J. Clarice Dans, Ph.D.); Northern Michigan University, MI (Roger Towne, Ph.D.); Marywood University, PA (Mona R. Griffer, Ph.D.); Jackson State University, MS (Zenobia Bagli, Ph.D.); Seton Hall University, NJ (Brian Shulman, Ph.D.); SUNYóCollege at Plattsburgh, NJ (Robert I. Davis, Ph.D.); University of Vermont, VT (Rebecca J. McCauley, Ph.D.); and the University of Western Ontario, Canada (James L. Stouffer, Ph.D.).

    There are 70 undergraduate programs in the database; 2 (2.9%) are member programs and 68 (97.1%) are nonmember programs. There are no new programs on the database, and there is one new member program: Harding University, AR (Daniel C. Tullos, Ph.D.).

  3. Treasurerís Report (Nash)
  4. The proposed budget for 1998-99 is $95,400. The University of Memphis proposes to charge the Council for technical services at a rate of $50.00 per hour. The amount budgeted for EAS is increased from $8,000 to $12,000. The assets report shows the total assets of the Council to be $151,316.90.

    A motion to approve the proposed budget for 1998-99 was M/S/P with one abstention.

  5. Publications Committee (Murphy)
  6. The Directory Alert and notice of dues will be received shortly by member programs.

    P. Murphy sent a letter to Conference contributors on February 17, 1998 indicating that they must submit a manuscript and a disk. The names of contributors who fail to ;comply will appear in the Proceedings with the statement, "Paper not submitted." In the future, contributors will be informed annually that the deadline for the submission is May 1.

  7. Information Exchange Committee (Petrosino)
  8. The Committee will convene in June to examine the survey instrument and then report the outcome of their deliberations to the EB in July. The Committee hopes to be able to conduct the next survey electronically. A survey of salaries also will be proposed for consideration by the EB at the July meeting. The response rate from member programs to the last survey was approximately 70%.

  9. Professional Development and Advocacy Committee (Miller)
  10. The major issue for the PDA was to follow up with the NIH on the training initiative commenced by Dr. James Snow. The initiative essentially retired with the retirement of Snow. Two meeting were held with Judith Cooper, Deputy Director of the NIDCD, and an additional meeting was held between J. Miller and M. Downey.

    The PDA plans to prepare a white paper to help persuade the NIDCD about the need to assist programs for advancing science in the discipline and the serious shortage of doctoral-level personnel and to provide funding for doctoral level training and to lobby in particular for T32 grants. First Awards will be abolished, and T32s probably are at risk. The PDA also plans to coordinate activities with Vice Presidents N. Anderson and J. Ingham of the ASHA

  11. Time and Place Committee (Wilcox)
  12. The 1999 Conference will be held on April 8-10 at the Sea Turtle in Jacksonville, FL. The 2000 Conference will be held at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego, CA. Council members agreed to respond on the evaluation form to the question, "are you willing to return every three years or so to the same location if that means the Council can negotiate a more favorable rate?" By straw vote the Council endorsed a proposal to return to the Riveria in Palm Springs (where the golfing is great and the living is easy) in 2002.

  13. Nominations Committee (Mendel)

The slate for President will include John Saxman and Elaine McNeice; the slate for Treasurer will include Dennis Nash and Rick Talbott.

While he had the stage, Webmaster Mendel described the new Council HomePage that will be available on May 1 and announced that feedback from members would be solicited.

  1. Motion to Change Name of the Council of Graduate Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders to the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  2. A motion to change the name of the Council from The Council of Graduate Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders to The Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders was M/S. After brief discussion and questions-answers, voting was accomplished by a show of hands. The outcome was:

    Yes 99

    No 3

    Abstain 1

    The Parliamentarian ruled that the change would become effective upon approval of the proposed changes in Articles and ByLaws.

  3. Article and ByLaws Changes
  4. Members of the Council engaged in discussion; voting will be by mail ballot. Changes in the following lines were added to those proposed by the EB: #s 14, 26,123, 207, and 321. Discussion was closed.

  5. Council Survey
  6. President Scudder announced earlier in the Conference to the Council that the EB will authorize a reputational survey of research-doctoral programs for programs that volunteer to be a part of the survey. The survey will be managed by the Survey Research Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The EBs best estimate is that programs will be charged approximately $150-200 per program per survey.


  7. Resolutions

Note: Only the Resolved Statements are reprinted below along with the outcome of balloting by show-of-hands. Resolutions that were passed will be forwarded to member programs for final balloting and decision.

Yes 78; No 5; Abstain 2 Motion carries.

Yes 73; No 24; Abstain 1 Motion carries.

Yes 4; No 92; Abstain 2 Motion defeated.

Yes 79; No 6; Abstain 13 Motion carries.

Yes 58; No 34; Abstain 8 Motion carries.

Yes 85; No 0; Abstain 11 Motion carries.

Yes 42; No 26; Abstain 30 Motion carries.

Yes 20; No 43; Abstain 27 Motion defeated

Proposed Amendment: Reivse to read, " That the Council recommend that doctoral programs in CSD adopt models in addition to the currently predominant three-degree sequence."

Yes 70; No 9; Abstain 11 Motion to amend carries

Vote on motion as amended:

Yes 64; No 12; Abstain 12 Motion, as amended, carries

Yes 87; No 2; Abstain 4 Motion carries

Yes 93: No 0; Abstain 0 Motion carries unanimously

There being no further business, the Corporate Business Meeting and Plenary Session of the CGPCSD was adjourned at 12:15 p.m. on April 18, 1998


Respectfully Submitted:

Charles E. Speaks, Secretary