Resolutions from Plenary Session

Resolution 2000-1:
WHEREAS, some areas of the country have relatively limited access to educational programs; and
WHEREAS, academic programs are having a difficult time in attracting faculty members and maintaining full staffing; and
WHEREAS, there is a need to provide continuing education opportunities to speech-language pathology and audiology professionals;  therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the CAPCSD supports the development of innovative and/or alternative educational/instructional programs, including a variety of models of distance learning.  (For - 93, Against - 19,  Abstain - 7)

Resolution 2000-2 :
WHEREAS, academic plans would benefit in self-evaluation and curriculum development by having content-area specific data for their studentís performances on the national certification examinations in audiology and speech-language pathology;  therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the CAPCSD ask the Clinical Certification Board of ASHA to join us in petitioning the Educational Testing Service to disseminate student performance data by content area.  The information may be provided wither by individual student report or by program report. (For - 114, Against - 3, Abstain - 3)

Resolution 2000-3 :
WHEREAS, the CAPCSD recognizes that many academic programs are currently involved in the development and implementation of doctoral programs that meet the Council of Professional Standards of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA); and
WHEREAS, academic programs are at different stages of the development of clinical doctorate programs and some of these programs have developed a range of experiences and approaches to the development of these programs that can be of value to those at earlier stages of program development; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the CAPCSD supports and endorses the efforts of program directors from existing and developing programs to work together toward the common goal of developing quality audiology education programs; and further
RESOLVED:  that the CAPCSD encourages the collaboration of program directors to meet, share information, experiences and strategies related to the development of clinical doctoral programs; and further
RESOLVED: that the CAPCSD recommend that these meetings should be scheduled, where possible, to coincide with existing professional meetings (e.g., ASHA, AAA, CAPCSD) and encourages programs to participate in these meetings; and further
RESOLVED: that efforts should be made to make the resultant discussions and materials available to the widest possible audience; and further
RESOLVED: that the CAPCSD include such activities in its future programs.
 (For - 95, Against - 14, Abstain - 10)