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Pre Conferences

For Clinic Directors

Supervision Timeline
Vicki McReady
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Issue I: Addressing and Enhancing Diversity in Academic Programs
Diversity and Sexual Orientation
Joe A. Melcher
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Addressing & Enhancing Diversity: Age Issues
Barbara B. Shadden
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Addressing and Enhancing Diversity in Academic Programs
Vicki R. Deal-Williams
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Addressing and Enhancing Diversity in Academic Programs: Faculty, Students and Clients with Disabilities
Katherine D. Seelman
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Issue II: The Ph.D. Shortage in Communication Science and Disorders
Quantitative Background on the Shortage of Research Doctorates in CSD
D. Kimbrough Oller
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SID 10 Task Force on the Doctoral Shortage Survey
Rosalind Scudder and Janet Koehnke
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Issue III: Strategies for Implementing New Standards in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
CAPCSD Purdue Model for Program Evaluation
Janet Harrison and Robert Novak
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Case Studies, Student Assessment, and ASHA’s New Standards: The Saint Rose Experience
Jack Pickering
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Curricular Modifications to Meet the 2005 CCC-SLP Standards in a Rural CSD Program
Robert W. Quesal
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Making a Good Speech Therapist
Hindy Lubinsky
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Academic and Clinical Exchange

Tess Kirsch, Gip Seaver and Richard Matthes
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Recruiting and Selecting Students for Admission to Your Graduate Program
Robert Fox
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Using Patient Simulation to Facilitate Student's Clinical Skills
Richard Dean
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Using Problem Based Learning to Teach Mathematics in Speech and Hearing Sciences
Diane Kewley-Port

Workshop For Chairs: New And Used
John Ferraro and Nicholas Bankson
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Web-based Technology for the Clinic
Sheree Reese
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HIPAA - Impact on CSD Programs
Alex Johnson
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