Developing Leadership Skills in Graduate Students through
“The Art of Focused Conversations”


Vicki McCready, M.A., APT Professor, Director, Speech and Hearing Center
Jane Harris, Ph.D., Instructional Technology Consultant
School of Health and Human Performance

Year One

The Challenge: To make Clinical Teaching Team discussions more effective.
Pre-intervention student survey results

Proposed Solution: Focused Conversation

Intervention - Simulation and Student Planning for ORID Session


Year Two


  • ORID helps with SOAP notes and report writing.
  • ORID helps separate the objective from the reflective and interpretive. Prevents jumping to solutions without going through the problem-solving process.


  • Balancing content with process.
  • Student overload and stress.
  • Helping students make objective statements.

Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2


  1. Groups of 4
    • One person is supervisor-facilitator who uses the ORID technique.
    • The other three are students.
  2. One student presents this clinical scenario.
    • What to do with a hyperactive child: “He was just all over the place today. He is so inattentive and disrespectful and I wish his mother would discipline him more.”
    • This person may elaborate on the scenario if desired.
  3. Role play an ORID session for 10 minutes.
  4. Debrief.
The Future