Charting the Course for the Future: Facing Challenges Head-On

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March 23-26, 2011

Edited By Lynn M. Maher

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CAPCSD Board of Directors



Brooke Hallowell

Ohio University


Michael Kimbarow

San Jose State University

Past President

Larry Small

Bowling Green State University



Neil DiSarno

Missouri State University


Melody Harrison

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Vice President for Communications

Cheryl Messick

University of Pittsburgh

Vice President for Professional Development

Lynn M. Maher

University of Houston

Vice President for Research & Academic Development

Craig Champlin

University of Texas - Austin

Vice President for Standards & Credentials

Michael Flahive

Saint Xavier University


April 18-21, 2012 Newport Beach Marriott Hotel Newport Beach, CA

April 17-20, 2013 Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Phoenix, AZ

April 9-12, 2014 Renaissance Hotel Orlando, FL

CAPCSD 2011 Conference Proceedings

Conference Presentations

President’s Address                                      

Brooke Hallowell            

Pre-Conference Program; Addressing Writing Challenges Throughout the Continuum                                                 

              Elena Plante                         Part I Notes 

Part II Notes

Plenary Session A: Storm Front Approaching: The Consequences of Doing Nothing        

Virginia Ramachandran

Sue Hale and Lisa O’Connor                                       

Plenary A Breakout Session Reports

Mark DeRuiter

Merlot Learning Objects             

Martin Fischer, Sarah Ginsberg, Carol  Dudding

Plenary Session B: Rocking the Boat: Generating Creative Solutions to Address the Demands on Current and Future CSD Programming

                Jackson  Roush 

Michael Flahive

Plenary B Breakout Session  Reports

                Mark DeRuiter

Leadership Challenges: Having the Difficult Conversation  

                Gail Whitelaw                                                                                                  

Innovations in Clinical Audiology Education                      

                Martha Mundy

Brad Stach, Jean Andruski  and Virginia Ramachandran                                 

SLP  Externship Building                                                              

                Linda Louko and Karen Tessler

AuD Externship Building                                                             

                Diane Niebuhr and Carol Cokely

Higher Education Data System (HES) Updates   

Loretta Nunez and Cheryl Messick

Taking It Global: Teaching and Service Learning Beyond the U.S. 

Daniel Tullos                                                                                                                    

CAPCSD Global Outreach Think-Tank                                                    

                Brooke Hallowell, Lorraine Obler, Mike Robb, Kartini Ahmad

Research  Doctoral Curricula: What are the Best Approaches?   

                Robert Fox

Securing Corporation and Foundation Support for Clinical Programs

                Janet Simon Schreck and Elizabeth Schroder                                                                     

Re-Calibrating Seasoned Clinical Faculty for Tomorrow   

                Ann L. Michael  and Ashley W. Harkrider

Ethics in Context: Connecting Personal, Academic and Clinical Integrity

                Kathleen Hutchinson and Laura J. Kelly                 Presentation

                                                                                                                Ethics Cases                       

Undergraduate/Clinical Preparation for Successful Acceptance in AuD Programs                                                            

               Kim Tillery          

Infusion of Ethics in Academic and Clinical Coursework: One University’s Story

                Lissa Power-deFur and Gayle  Daly                                                         

EBP for Clinical Education: What Do We Know and What Can We Do?

                Reuler, Messick, Gavett, McCready, Raleigh       Presentation

                                                                                                                Self-Evaluation Tool

Using Rubrics in the Graduate Admissions Process:       

Rubric, Rubric on the Wall: Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

                Gail Richard and Tina Veale                                        Presentation


From Start to Finish:  A Look at the Admissions Process

Colleen O’Rourke  and Debra Schober-Peterson

Streamlining Graduate Admissions

                Judy P. Walker

The Graduate Admissions Process:  This is How We Do It

                Monica Hough, Gregg Givens and Rose Allen

Reimbursement and Coding Education and Billing Issues for University  Communication Sciences and Disorders Programs               

                Dee Adams Nikjeh and Robert C. Fifer

Preparing Students for Diverse Populations of Today and Tomorrow

                Lilly Cheng                                                                                                         

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Acknowledgements: The Council wishes to thank the 2011 CAPCSD Conference Planning Committee:  Lynn M. Maher, Mark DeRuiter, Donna Colcord and Paige Shaughnessy