Welcome to CSDCAS (pronounced “SID-CAS”), the Communication Sciences and Disorders Centralized Application Service provided by CAPCSD. It is the centralized application service for graduate programs offering clinical education in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology.

Who benefits from CSDCAS?

CSDCAS is designed for clinical entry speech-language pathology and audiology graduate programs. This comprehensive graduate education application service facilitates the admissions process for applications and educational programs. The benefits are multi-faceted, impacting programs, student applicants, and faculty and staff involved in the application process. You can expect CSDCAS to:

  • Provide a streamlined, user-friendly approach to the application process.
  • Enable students to stay organized with a single online application and recommendation process.
  • Provide faculty with one web-based recommendation protocol for increased efficiency. Simplify the search functions according to individual program preferences.
  • Increase program exposure to a national pool of applicants.

For a more in-depth review of CSDCAS benefits, go to your area of interest: Student Information, Program Information, Advisory Information, and the Profession and CSDCAS.

How do you get started with CSDCAS?

  • CSDCAS for Programs
  • CSDCAS for Students: Click here to get started with your application. Please do not attempt to login on this page or phone/email the CAPCSD office for assistance. Assistance for CSDCAS applications is available at 617-612-2030, if in the U.S.