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messickWelcome to CAPCSD!

The Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders is dedicated to promoting academic excellence, visionary leadership and collaboration among communication sciences and disorders academic programs. Please take the time to explore the online information about CAPCSD and the many resources we provide for member programs.

con-34.2502016 Annual Conference

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Welcome to the CAPCSD 2016 Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas!

Record registration numbers again this year – 492 attendees!

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Update on Site of 2017 CAPCSD Conference

The CAPCSD Board wishes to thank the 153 member programs who took time to complete the survey last month regarding whether CAPCSD should consider moving the 2017 conference out of the state of North Carolina because of the recent anti-transgender legislation passed by the state assembly. The survey results indicated that 88.9% of the respondents supported a move of the conference out of North Carolina knowing there would be a $93,281 penalty; 6.5% of members opposed moving the conference; and 4.6% abstained. In summary, an overwhelming majority of respondents supported a move of the 2017 conference out of the state of North Carolina if the anti-transgender legislation remains in place.

The board has been following the North Carolina situation closely. Last week a CAPCSD representative spoke with the sales manager of the Charlotte Westin hotel and indicated that we are likely moving the venue. We informed them that there are states that have banned all non-essential travel to North Carolina, which impacts a number of our member programs. The hotel requested that we delay our decision, which we have agreed to do until May 25th. Meanwhile, we have identified several sites that are very interested in hosting the 2017 Conference. We are currently negotiating final proposal packages from those sites for board consideration. In the board conference call last week it was decided that if there are no significant changes in the North Carolina transgender legislation by May 25th, the location of the conference will be moved. The board is anticipating finalizing a decision on this issue by the end of May and will inform CAPCSD member programs shortly of the plans.

Thank you for your support on this manner. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to send them.

Cheryl Messick
CAPCSD President