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2016 CSD Education Survey had a 93% return! Mark your calendars for late July to participate in the 2017 survey that will collect data for the fall 2016 through summer 2017 academic year. Thank you for your participation.

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The 2014-2015 CSD Education Survey Reports, including National Aggregate and Individual State Aggregate Reports, are available. Click Here for more information.

Foundations of Clinical Education

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2017 CAPCSD Conference

2017exhib The 2017 CAPCSD Conference
April 19th – 22nd
at the
New Orleans Marriott

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The annual conference offered by the Council of Academic Programs provides an independent review of current issues in higher education for Communication Sciences and Disorders. The program is developed based on input from member programs and is tailored to the needs of university faculty, clinical education coordinators/directors, as well as department administration.

This conference allows for synergistic networking, didactic learning, as well as group problem solving in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Typical learning broad-based objectives include:

  • Participants will list current issues in higher education related to Communication Sciences and Disorders.
  • Participants will document multiple solutions to challenges presented in the education of students in Communication Sciences and Disorders.
  • Participants will actively engage in future visioning and problem-solving. They will document –new approaches to the education of students enrolled in Communication Sciences and Disorders programs.


Letter to the Membership from the Conference Planning Committee Chair

Welcome to the 2017 Annual Conference Webpage! Please check here frequently for updates and information about the 2017 conference.

Sixteen years ago, I attended my first CAPCSD Annual Conference. I was amazed at the level of applicability to my new position and the willingness of everyone that I met to help support me with my new career goals. I have felt this way about the annual conference every year since then. Based on the number of Call for Paper submissions that we received this year, it is clear that this same level of enthusiasm and dedication to the CAPCSD conference continues! As a planning committee, we have strived to take this support from all of the CAPCSD members to create a conference that meets the needs of all the attendees.

This years conference’s theme is “Collegiality: Students, Colleagues, and all that Jazz…”. As always, your feedback from the 2016 conference significantly helped to shape the 2017 program. As a result, the Conference Planning Committee (CPC) is extremely excited to share this year’s conference schedule with you.

By popular demand, we will start our conference with a pre-conference lecture on “Client Centered Service: Medicare and More”. Then, we have two fascinating plenary sessions, one on Emotional Intelligence and the other talking about admission trends and metrics. Many other sessions are planned as well, presenting information to you on alternative clinical models of education, strategic plans for program sustainability, issues in undergraduate education, diversity in CSD programs, developing critical thinking skills in students, telemedicine and engaging students in research, to name a few.

As always, there will also be many opportunities to network during sessions and at social gatherings.

I look forward to seeing all of you in New Orleans!

Michael J. Bamdad
Chair, Conference Planning Committee