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CSDCAS Open Data Initiative

This initiative provides a mechanism for faculty (and their trainees) at CAPCSD member institutions to conduct research using the rich data set provided by CSDCAS. By providing access to these data, we aim to jumpstart a more rigorous understanding of the graduate admissions process in the CSD fields, which will ultimately support data-driven solutions to admissions challenges.

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Data Integration

The user experience is best for applicants when they only need to complete one centralized application. If you are using CSDCAS and still requiring applicants to submit additional applications to your university, you may benefit from learning how to plan a project to integrate the data from CSDCAS into your campus student information systems. Liaison has developed some new, very easy options to integrate the CSDCAS data into your campus system to streamline the experience for everyone. Check out the Data Integration Help Center or watch our recorded webinar on planning this integration.

Applicant Data Report

Based on the 2022-2023 admissions cycle, this report contains:

  • trends in applicant volume
  • trends in applicant demographics and metrics
  • comparisons of accepted vs. denied applicant characteristics
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