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Call for Resolutions

It is once again time to gather your input on ideas and issues of importance to the membership of CAPCSD. If you individually, or in concert with colleagues from other member programs, have ideas or issues that you believe the Board of Directors should address, please formulate and submit a resolution for consideration. Resolutions may be submitted by “…members of the Executive Board, standing committees, Working Groups, member institutions or individual representatives of member institutions.

The Process

  • Proposed resolutions are accepted throughout the year.
  • They are considered by the Board of Directors for a vote.
  • If 1/3 of the Board supports the resolution it will be presented during a membership business meeting.
  • Ballot is sent to program directors for a vote (one vote per program).
  • If the resolution passes it will be acted on by the Board.

Proposed Resolutions Format

Title: Brief description.

Background: A sequence of logically ordered “Whereas” statements.

Resolved: Detailed description of proposed position, action, investigation, initiative, etc. that the resolution sponsors would like the Board of Directors to pursue.

Sponsored by: Name(s) and program affiliations of the resolution sponsor(s).

Emergent Resolutions (those not previously considered by the Board of Directors) may also be considered at a membership meeting if they are presented in writing in the prescribed format. Emergent Resolutions that are approved by two-thirds of the voting member representatives present at a meeting will be submitted for an electronic vote by all member programs. Note that resolutions can be submitted via email or USPS to the President-Elect or CAPCSD office any time during the year

Please refer to CAPCSD bylaws Article IX for details.

Submission Information

Proposed resolutions can be submitted to Carol Dudding, President,, or Deborah Ortiz, Executive Director,


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