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2015 Conference Proceedings


Council of Academic Programs in
Communication Sciences and Disorders


Newport Beach, California April 15th-18th, 2015

©No part of this publication may be reproduced in any manner, except for brief quotations. Requests for permission to duplicate papers should be forwarded to the Vice President for Communications.

CAPCSD Board of Directors 2014-2015

Judith Vander Woude, Ph.D.
Calvin College

Cheryl Messick, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh

Past President
Melody Harrison
University of North Carolina –
Chapel Hill

Colleen O’Roarke
Georgia State University

Gregory Lof, Ph.D.
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Vice President for Communications
Mary Hardin-Jones
University of Wyoming

Vice President for Professional Development
Lisa Scott
Florida State University

Vice President for Research & Academic Development
Peggy B. Nelson
University of Minnesota

Vice President for Standards & Credentials
Carol C. Dudding
James Madison University

Vice President for Student Development
Rich Folsom
University of Washington

Future Conferences
March 30 – April 2, 2016 l  San Antonio, TX
April 19 – 22,  2016 l Charlotte, NC

CAPCSD 2015 Conference Proceedings
Conference Presentations

Preconference – Transforming Presentations: A Revolution Without Bullets (Haas)

Plenary A: At The Crossroads: Higher Education and Big Business
(Wilcox, Jones)   Handouts not available

Plenary B: Leadership in an Atmosphere of Change
(Wilcox, DiGiovanni)

Plenary Break Out Group Reports

Major Gap Analysis Reveals Need and Demand for Audiology Supervisor Competencies

How Your Program Can Deliver an Exceptional Applicant Experience
(Vento, Michael)    Handouts not available

"Breaking" Into IPE: A Report from the CAPCSD IPE Committee
(Apel, Moore, Gavett, McCarthy)

HIPAA 101: Implementing Clinic Privacy Regulations
(Scott, Taylor)

Moving Your Classroom to a Flipped or Hybrid Learning Environment
(Hilterbran, Anjum)    Handouts not available

A Capstone Course in SLP: Preparing Millennials for Success

Developing a Successful Simulation-Based Curriculum
(Jansen, Johnson)

An ACAE Roundtable Discussion
(Hunter, Gordon)    Handouts not available

2015 CFCC Update
(Passe, Pruner)

Lessons from the Field: How to Make Your Admission Process Run Like a Machine
(Masterson, Tyler, Vento)

HIPAA 101: Implementing Clinic Privacy Regulations
(Scott, Taylor)

A Virtual Interprofessional Clinic 
(Dudding, O’Donoghue, Longerbeam) 

Developing Clinical Competencies to Prepare Clinicians for the Healthcare Environment
(Franklin, Leader, Kaiser)

Mentoring The Marginal Clinic Student

Integrating Interviews into the Admissions Process
(O’Rourke, Schober-Peterson)

Council of AuD Programs (CAuDP)—Update 2015
(Vento)    Handouts not available

CSD Education Survey: The Workforce Pipeline Update
(Hardin-Jones, Nunez)

Personal Interviews: Do they make sense in 2014?
(Boles, Mandulak)

Global Networking: Strategies to Enhance Global Perspectives Through CAPCSD Initiatives
(Hallowell, Ahmad, Drayton, Fernandes, Stokes)    Handouts not available

CAPCSD Task Force on Clinical Training Resources
(Scheer-Cohen, Cokely)    Handouts not available

Building Creative and Collaborative Toolkits for Graduate Student Funding Resources
(Anjum, Nagaraj)    Handouts not available

Critical Thinking in Clinical Practice — Curriculum Innovations
(Scherz, DiLollo, Strattman)

Implementing Change in Clinicians and Clinical Educators
(Trammel-Yeboah, Spencer)

Problem Solving and Information Exchange – Chairs
(Kimelman, Tyler)

Problem Solving and Information Exchange- Clinic Directors
(Goldacker, Georgeson)    Handouts not available

Problem Solving and Information Exchange – Program Directors
(Naidu, Harrison)    Handouts not available

HIPAA 201: Security Considerations and the HiTech Act
(Scott, Turner)

Graduate Clinician Preparedness with Telepractice and Traditional Therapy Delivery Models (Bush, Moody)

Training Graduate Clinicians to Provide Telepractice Speech and Language Services (Moody, Bush)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Lessons learned and In Progress
(Favro, Velleman)

Creating Professional Development through Interprofessional Learning in Health Sciences Education (Keeton)

Interprofessional Education in Geriatric Healthcare Via a Collaborative Student Competition (Maher, Murphy)

Designing Collaborative Group Activities for E-Learning Environments
(Ford, Bahr)

Problem Solving and Information Exchange – Chairs
(Kimelman, Tyler)

Problem Solving and Information Exchange -Clinic Directors
(Goldacker, Georgeson)    Handouts not available

Problem Solving and Information Exchange – Program Directors
(Naidu, Harrison)    Handouts not available

IPE as a Foundation in CSD Education
(Prelock, Wallace)

Practical Tips Preparing for an AuD/SLP CAA Re-Accreditation Site Visit
(Tillery, Serpanos)

Preparing Students for Post-Graduate Audiology Credentialing 
(Ramachandran, Stach)

Processes and Parameters for Designing Group Communication Therapy Programs
(Favro, Velleman)

Changing Subjective Ratings to Objective Scores for Ranking Graduate Applicants (Oller, Gonzalez)

Graduate CSD Admissions: Myth Busters (Buhler)

Electronic Medical Records: So Many Options!
(Michael, Boester, Pyle)

Guiding the Future: Educating Ph.D. Students on the Tenure and Promotion Process
(Nelson, Folsom)    Handouts not available

Infusing EBP with Self-efficacy Principles to Prepare SLP Clinicians
(Hanks, Headley)

Both Sides Now:  A Site Visitor Prepares for Program Reaccreditation

Using Standardized Patients to Teach Interprofessional Skills and Telehealth
(Richels)    Handouts not available

Insider’s View of the Regenerated Audiology and SLP Praxis Tests
(Pruner, Passe, Koehnke, Hagstrom, Mendel)    Handouts not available

The Effective Use of Case-based Learning in Audiology Education

Interprofessional Education: Measuring Outcomes
(Estis, McCullough, Wallace)

Electronic Medical Records: So Many Options!
(Michael, Boester, Pyle)    Handouts not available

Career Advancement and Promotion Criteria for Clinical Educators
(Alarcon, Wark, Wilder Wilson)

Technical Standards for Audiology: Time to Formalize and Unify
(Owen, Bray)

Learning Outcomes In Virtual Human, Trained Actor, and Aged-Care Environments
(Brundage, Beilby, Quail, Allen, Spitalnick)

Addressing Challenges in Quality Graduate Education
 (Hale, Besing, Hanyak)

Interprofessional Education at Pacific University: 10 Professions Working Together!
(Hanks, Reuler)

Preparing for a Site Visit: Medication Optional
(DeRuiter, Britten, O’Rourke)

CAA Update

SQF Model of Clinical Instruction (PART I of II)
(Barnum, Guyer)

Taking the Plunge into On-line Education
 (Zakrajsek)    Handouts not available

Mentoring Tenure and Promotion for New Faculty 
(Bernstein Ratner, Fox)

SQF Model of Clinical Instruction (PART II)
(Barnum, Guyer)    Handouts not available

HIPAA 201: Security Considerations and the HiTech Act 
(Scott, Turner)



The Council appreciates the generous support from the 2015 Annual Conference sponsors and exhibitors.

2015 List of Sponsors/Exhibitors

Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences
American Academy of Audiology
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Continuing Education
Audigy Group / Audigy Medical
Audiology Systems
Blue Tree Publishing
Brookes Publishing Co.
Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
Fuel Medical Group
Intelligent Video Solutions
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Master Clinician Network
Northern Speech Services
Pentax Medical
Plural Publishing, Inc.
Point and Click Solutions, Inc.
WEST LOVE Color and Culture



The Council wishes to thank all volunteers and the 2015 CAPCSD Conference Planning Committee:

Elaine Mormer, Chair
Mark DeRuiter, Assistant Co-Chair
Jennifer Taylor, Assistant Co-Chair
Karen Bryant, Member at Large
Kathy Jakielski, Member at Large