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2004 Conference Proceedings

The Council at 25:
Challenges, Changes and Achievements

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
April 15-18, 2004



Board of Directors


John Saxman, Ph.D.
Columbia University, Teacher's College

James Mahshie, Ph.D.
Gallaudet University

VP for Research and Academic Development
Janis Costello Ingham, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara

Past President
Richard E. Talbott, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

VP for Professional Development
Robert Novak, Ph.D.
Purdue University

Amy Wohlert, Ph.D.
University of New Mexico

VP for Communications
Nan Bernstein Ratner, Ph.D.
The University of Maryland at College Park

Malcolm R. McNeil, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh

VP for Standards and Credentials
John Ferraro, Ph.D.
University of Kansas Medical Center

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President’s Address
The Council at 25: Where Do We Go from Here? - Saxman


Innovative uses of technology: changing to meet the challenges of basic science and clinical education (Michael Chial, Mike Flahive & Doug Martin)

Achievements in consortia and collaborations: the changing face of instruction and research (Nancy Creaghead, Richard Hurtig, Steve Kramer & Marilyn Newhoff)

Clinical placement challenges: international students, students with disabilities and marginal students (Delores Battle, Lilly Cheng, Wren Newman)


Special Interest Round Tables:

Audiology (Jack Roush)

Student Group advisors (Marilyn Wark)

Users of web-based technology in communication sciences and disorders (Carol Dudding)

Helping students prepare for the Praxis (Lauren Ero and Loretta Nunez)

Research doctoral program round table (Jennifer Windsor and Jack Damico)

Consortia programs (Bob Oyler and Geralyn Schulz)


Emerging Issues

The challenges of final-year AuD practica (Cindy Compton and Joan Shupbach)

Assuring Quality in the entry-level clinical doctoral programs: what does it take? (Mike Moran, Stephanie Davidson, and Mick McNeil)

SLP and audiology aids/assistants (Trish Hargrove)

Undergraduate curricula: expectations for knowledge and skills (Dan Tullos)


Academic and Clinical Exchanges

Development 101: fundraising from the ground up (Bernard Henri)

Meeting the challenges of HIPAA in providing clinical services and conducting clinical research (Carol Ann Raymond and Barbara Solomon)

New and used chairs: tips for working with difficult faculty, administrators and maintaining faculty morale in tough economic times (John Ferraro and Amy Wohlert)

New and used clinic directors: tips for preparing, evaluating and supporting clinical supervisors (Ellen Reuler and Nancy Alarcon)

Optimizing success in the connecting clinical research and clinical education (Cheryl Messick, Kathy Chapman, Mikael Kimelman, Marilyn Newhoff and Elaine Stathopoulos)

Ensuring the future of off-campus practicum sites: reconciling their bottom line with clinical training (Allan Diefendorf and Zenobia Bagli)

Program achievements in meeting changes in the standards: CAA/CFCC expectations, joint committee on assessment recommendations and what programs are doing (Mike Moran, Jay Lubinsky, Tess Kirsch, and Brooke Hallowell)

Faculty ethics: balancing private practices with university responsibilities: Perspectives from central administration (Rick Talbott)

Rock N’Roll to Rap: generational differences in academic and clinical settings (Vicki McCready and Celia Hooper)

International collaboration and exchanges (John Saxman and Mick McNeil)


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