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2006 Conference Proceedings

Sea Your Way to Success

Sandestin, FL

April 16-19, 2006

CAPCSD Board of Directors


Richard Hurtig, Ph.D.
University of Iowa

Julie J. Masterson, Ph.D.
Missouri State University

VP for Research and Academic Development
Robert A. Fox, Ph.D.
Ohio State University

Past President
James Mahshie, Ph.D..
Gallaudet University

VP for Professional Development
Colleen M. O’Rourke, Ph.D.
Georgia State University

Ellen Reuler, M.A.
Portland State University

VP for Communications
Mikael D. Z. Kimelman, Ph.D.
Duquesne University

Dianne Meyer, Ph.D.
Rush University

VP for Standards and Credentials
Judith Brasseur, Ph.D.
California State University, Chico

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President’s Address
Richard Hurtig

Survival in a Litigious Academic World
Jennifer Horner

CAA Update
Amy Wohlert

Clinical and Academic Swap Shops

Clinical Swap Shop: Remediation Strategies for Clinical Skills Remediation
Barbara Zucker and Martha Wilder Wilson

Special Interest Roundtables

Audiology Roundtable: Payment During the 4th Year AuD Experience
Dianne Meyer and Robert Novak

HIPAA Security, Privacy, and the National Provider Identifier: Strategies for Compliance in the Academic Setting
Carol Ann Raymond and Frederick Britten

A Review of IDEA ’04 and Implications for Academic Programs
Neil Snyder and Loretta Nunez

Law and Order: Developing Relationships and Contracts for Expanded Practica
Gail Whitelaw and Cheryl Messick

Linking the Undergraduate Degree to the Graduate Degree: Core Curriculum Issues
Karen Steckol, Dan Tullos, and Marc Fagelson

ASHA Gathering Place: New Faculty and Ph.D. Student Electronic Mentoring Community
Siylvia Quevedo and Sharon Moss

Issue II A - (re)Energizing Your Academic Faculty (for Program Chairs & Directors)
Alex Johnson and Barbara Shadden

Current Issues

Qualifications of Clinical Educators
Lisa Lucks Mendel, Judy Brasseur, and Elizabeth McCrea

Writing Literacy into the Curriculum
Patricia Prelock, Julie Masterson, and Lynne Hewitt

Facilitating Excellence in Academic and Clinical Teaching
Rosalind R. Scudder and Wren Newman

Knowledge and Skills in the Area of Prevention
Debra Schober-Peterson, Lynn Flahive, and Mary Dale Fitzgerald

Current Issues in Audiology

A) Report on the Council’s Facilitated Meeting with AAA, ASHA, ACAE, and CAA
James Mahshie and Dianne Meyer

B) Report on Audiology Education Summit II
Neil DiSarno and Dianne Meyer

Academic & Clinical Exchanges

Finding Them and Keeping Them: Issues in the Recruitment and Retention of Faculty of Color and Women in Communication Disorders and Sciences
Dolores Battle

The Graduate Portfolio as an Assessment Tool
Crystal Cooper and Susan Sordon

Conflict Resolution
John Bernthal

New and Used Clinic Directors: Dwindling Resources
Susan Bartlett, Ruth Peaper, and Kevin McNamara

Empowering Students through Team-Based Clinical Education
Jane Wegner and Vicki McCready

CFCC Update
Robert Novak

Expanding Funding Options for Your Graduate Students
Jean Blosser and Roberta DePompei

Teaching Evidence Based Practice
Randall Robey

Networking Among Small and Large CSD Programs
Nancy Creaghead and Sandra Laing

Culturing a Culture of Professionalism in Audiology
Paul Pessis


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