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2007 Conference Proceedings

Come Together in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA

April 11-14, 2007

CAPCSD Board of Directors


Julie J. Masterson, Ph.D.
Southwest Missouri State University

Celia R. Hooper, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

VP for Research and Academic Development
Robert A. Fox, Ph.D.
Ohio State University

Past President
Richard Hurtig, Ph.D.
University of Iowa

VP for Professional Development
Kenn Apel, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Ellen Reuler, M.A.
Portland State University

VP for Communications
Mikael D. Z. Kimelman, Ph.D.
Duquesne University

Lisa Lucks Mendel, Ph.D.
The University of Memphis

VP for Standards and Credentials
Ilsa Schwarz, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee

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Essential Functions of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
CAPCSD Committee on Essential Functions
Essential Functions Checklist

Issue IA – Come Together: Identification of Barriers
Paula McGuire and Barbara Shadden
Polarity Worksheet

Updates on Accreditation and Certification
Doris Gordon; Mary Anne Hanner; Theresa Rodgers; James A. Beauchamp

Innovations or Just Darn Good Ideas

Academic Swap Shop
Patricia Prelock and Jane Lieberman

Clinical Education: Where have we been, where are we, and where are we going?
Ann Michael and Christine Cecconi

Issue IC - Come Together: Effecting a Change
Paula McGuire and Barbara Shadden

Issue II – Marginal Students: A Continuing Dialogue
Lisa Scott, Lynne Hewitt and Jeffrey J. DiGiovanni

Current Issues I

Students in the New Generation - Students are From Venus, Professors are from Mars
Mojave Alex Johnson

Alternative Clinical Learning Opportunities
Sierra Jane Wegner

Linking Content: From the Classroom to the Clinic
Ventura Karen Goltz Stein and David Stein

Managing the University Clinic: Postcards From The Edge…
Susan Bartlett and Davy Parsons

Working with Senior Leaders and Administrators: Strategies for Success
Linda Petrosino

Issues with Audiology Preceptors
Gail M. Whitelaw and Dianne Meyer

Issues with External Speech-Language Pathology Supervision
Sue Hale and Donna Colcord

Thinking in the Classroom and Clinic: Teaching Students to Problem Solve
Marilyn Dunham Wark

Entrepreneurial Chairs: Fundraising & Finances
Robert Hanyak

Hooking Students into Research
Alex M. Goberman and Howard Goldstein

Academic & Clinical Exchanges

New and Used Chairs
Nan Ratner Bernstein and Colleen O'Rourke

Leadership in Clinical Education: Challenges & Solutions
Susan Moore, Michael Bamdad, and Anne Davidson

AuD Education: A Work in Progress
Diane Niebuhr and Dianne Meyer

Beyond Techniques: What Makes Therapy Work?
Patricia Zebrowski

Issues in the Admission and Retention of Students with Accents and Nonstandard Dialects
Vicki Deal-Williams

Writing Successful Clinical Grants
Ilsa Schwarz

Beyond Power-point and Blackboard: Using Technology for Effective Instruction
Lissa Power-deFur, Judith Vander Woude, Jake Bosmeijer

Successful Retention of Diverse Students
Nancy Martino, Joe Melcher, and Clifford Highnam

Admitting Students from other Undergraduate Programs: Smooth Transitions
Michael Moran and Betsy Vinson

Developing Critical Thinking in Student Clinicians: The Role of Questions
Elizabeth Gavett and Ruth Peaper

Current Issues II

The Ins and Outs of the PRAXIS Exam: What Faculty Should Know
Loretta Nunez, Janet Koehnke, and Dolores E. Battle

Undergraduate Curriculum: Foundation vs. Clinical Training
John Ferraro and Amy Wohlert

Mentoring Mid-Career Faculty
Maurice Mendel

The Non-Clinical Master's Track: Purposes and Advantages
Larry H. Small and Richard Hurtig

Criminal Background Checks: Procedures and Policies
Ben Watson
CBC handout
CBC summary

Service-Learning: Integrating Civic Engagement into Teaching, Learning, and Research
Lyn Goldberg and Barbara Mathers-Schmidt

Doctoral Program Roundtable: Admissions Networking
Rosalind Scudder

The Speech-Language and Audiology Summits
Nancy Alarcon and Jim Mahshie

CHARTR: Teaching Rational Clinical Decision Making in the Clinic
Rik Lemoncello
CHARTR: brief summary

Update on the Learning Object Exchange (LOeX)
Doug Martin

Special Session: Update on 2008 CAA Standards
Mary Anne Hanner, 2007 CAA Chair

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