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2008 Conference Proceedings

Focus on Teaching

Palm Harbor, FL

April 9-12, 2008

CAPCSD Board of Directors


Celia R. Hooper, Ph.D
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

Mikael D. Z. Kimelman, Ph.D.
Duquesne University

VP for Research and Academic Development
Robert A. Fox, Ph.D.
Ohio State University

Past President
Julie Masterson, Ph.D.
Missouri State University

VP for Professional Development
Larry H. Small, Ph.D.
Bowling Green State University

Ellen Reuler, M.A.
Portland State University

VP for Communications
Cheryl Messick, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh

Lisa Lucks Mendel, Ph.D.
The University of Memphis

VP for Standards and Credentials
Ilsa Schwarz, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee

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Issue IA – The Future of Undergraduate Education
Kim A. Wilcox

Issue IIA – Assessment: What are We Doing and Are We doing it Well?
Steve Zerwas, Nancy B. Alarcon, Alexander Goberman and Diane Niebuhr

9 Principles
Breakout Questions

Update on 2008 CAA Standards
Wayne Swisher and Members of the CAA Board

Clinical Swap Shop
Vicki McCready and Linda Louko

Academic Forum: Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership Linda Petrosino and Pollie Murphy

Higher Education Data System (HES): The value and benefit to the discipline
Loretta Nunez, Cheryl Messick and Colleen M. O’Rourke

CSDCAS: One for all; All from one
Julie Masterson, Richard Hurtig, Cindy Bartlett, Maurice I. Mendel, Dianne Meyer and Laura Smith-Olinde

Ph.D. Program Forum
Celia Hooper and Rob Fox

Academic and Clinical Exchanges

School Finance: Encouraging Students to Become Advocates and Influential in Monetary Decisions!
Perry Flynn

Virtual World Technology: E-Learning Tools for Communication Disorders
Stacy L. Williams

The Nuts and Bolts of Distance Learning
Lauren Bland, Barbara Brindle, Joseph Etienne, Richard Dressler and Frank Kersting

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students and English Language Learners (ELL) in Higher Education
M. Ruth Fernandez & Mary Ann Acevedo

Polarity Management Follow-Up
Barbara Shadden and Paula R. McGuire

Developing Leadership Skills in Graduate Students through “The Art of Focused Conversations”
Jane Harris and Vicki McCready

Training New Clinical Educators: The Foundation of the Clinical Education Process
Elizabeth McCrea and Wren S. Newman

Where is the Evidence-Base for Teaching?
Rosalind Scudder and Gloria Kellum

Prelims and Praxis and Comps… oh my! Summative Assessment in Au.D. programs
James Baer and Gail M. Whitelaw

New and Used Graduate Coordinators
Jeffrey D. DiGiovanni and Scott K. Griffiths

New and Used Chairs
Mick McNeil and John Bernthal

New and Used Clinic Directors: “Used Ideas” for New Clinic Directors
Ann L. Michael and Lisa M. Crane

Contracts: From Handshakes to Headaches…
Susan Bartlett and Davida L. Parsons

Essential Functions: An Update
Ilsa Schwarz, Roberta Jackson, Patti Johnstone, Moira Mulligan and Kathy Roberts

Summary of Feedback
Speakers' Presentation

Audiology: Deal or No Deal? Funding the 4th Year
Gail M. Whitelaw and Dianne Meyer

Understanding and Accommodationg Students with Mental Illness
Lisa A. Scott

Telepractice: An Alternative Service-Delivery Model
Janet Gooch and Melissa Passe

Problem-Based Learning in Graduate Education
Carlin Hageman and Patricia Zebrowski

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