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2009 Conference Proceedings

Ride the Wave

Newport, CA

April 22-25, 2009

CAPCSD Board of Directors


Mikael D. Z. Kimelman, Ph.D.
Duquesne University

Larry H. Small, Ph.D.
Bowling Green State University

VP for Research and Academic Development
Craig Champlin, Ph.D.
University of Texas-Austin

Past President
Celia R. Hooper, Ph.D
University of North Carolina, Greensboro

VP for Professional Development
Judith Vander Woude, Ph.D.
Calvin College

Ellen Reuler, M.A.
Portland State University

VP for Communications
Cheryl Messick, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh

Melody Harrison, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

VP for Standards and Credentials
Michael Kimbarow, Ph.D.
San Jose State University

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Preconference: Models of Undergraduate Education
Ro Scudder, Nancy Aarts, LeeAnn Golper and Michael Groher

Issue A – Positioning Yourself for Institutional Survival
Danielle Ripich, Alex Johnson, Amy Wohlert and Ilsa Schwarz

Update on Higher Education Data System
Cheryl Messick, Loretta Nunez and Susan Flesher

Update on CSDCAS
Nancy Creaghead, Neil DiSarno and Dianne Meyer

Clinical Swap Shop
Mary Lou Poole and Barbara Solomon

Academic Forum: Educating Generalists or Specialists?
Rebecca Leonard, Judy Montgomery, and Alison Grimes

PhD Forum
Rob Fox and Craig Champlin

CAA Update 2009
Judith Page and Susan Flesher

Plenary Issue Reports from Breakout Sessions and Open Mike: Where Do We Go From Here?
Alex Johnson and Amy Wohlert

Making Supervision Count: Facilitating Successful Externship Experiences
Lisa O’Connor and Wren Newman

Training New Supervisors through Distance Learning
Lesley Maxwell

Strength-Based Advising, Teaching and Learning
Kathy Coufal, Ro Scudder, Julie Scherz and Laurie Hughey
Animal School Handout
Reference Card Handout
Survey Handout

Ph.D. Forum Follow-Up: Developing Solutions
Rob Fox and Craig Champlin

Funding AuD students: Opportunities and Options
Gail Whitelaw

Developing Professionalism in Our Student Clinicians
Phyllis Breen and Kathy Murphy

Expanding Clinical Education Opportunities While Meeting Financial Challenges
Ann Hillis and Jan Lougeay

International Issues Related to the Conduct of Research
Sharon Moss

Update on Audiology Summit 2009
Colleen O’Rourke and Dianne Meyer

LOEx Update / RLO’s and Observation in a Virtual World
Marty Fischer and Mike Flahive

Generational Differences
Paige Shaughnessy

Infusing Cultural and Linguistic Diversity within CSD Curriculum
Lily Cheng and Henriette Langdon

Collaborative Clinical Research: Pros and Cons of Working with Partners
Jeannene Ward-Lonergan and Diane Williams

Au.D. Program Outcomes: Pros and Cons of Different Educational Models
Steve Kramer and Susan Erler

Follow up on CAA Update: Questions and Answers
Judith Page and Susan Flesher

Best Practices for Chairs
Larry Small and Robert Mayo

Best Practices for Clinic Directors
Lisa Crane and Marilyn Wark

Best Practices for Graduate Coordinators
Jennifer Ostergren

CSDCAS Demonstration Tutorial
Richard Hurtig

Higher Education Data System (HES) Tutorials
Cheryl Messick

Best Practices in Evaluating Teaching
Eric Boyce


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