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2013 Conference Proceedings

Putting the Pieces Together

April 17-20, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona

CAPCSD Board of Directors

Kenn Apel
University of South Carolina

Melody Harrison
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Past President
Michael Kimbarow
San Jose State University

Colleen O’Roarke
Georgia State University

Mark DeRuiter
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Vice President for Communications
Judith Vander Woude
Calvin College

Vice President for Professional Development
Jennifer P. Taylor
University of Memphis

Vice President for Research & Academic Development
Sarah Ginsberg
Eastern Michigan University

Vice President for Standards & Credentials
Michael Flahive
Saint Xavier University

Vice President for Student Development
Richard Hurtig
University of Iowa

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Pre-Conference, Climate Change: Impact of Health Care Economics on CSD Education and University Clinics
Nikjeh, Fifer, Rogers

Welcome, President’s Address

Plenary A: Making the Puzzle Fit the Frame
Hooper, Golper, Masterson, CAPCSD Sustainability Committee

Plenary A: Making the Puzzle Fit the Frame Breakout Group Notes

CSDCAS: New and Current Users
Huber, Hurtig

CSDCAS: Prospective Users
Donnelly, Hurtig

CSDCAS: Super Users
Ferraraccio, Hurtig

MERLOT: Updates
Ginsberg, Fischer

Problem Solving and Information Exchange for Graduate Directors and Program Directors
Forrest, Folsom, Kimelman

Problem Solving and Information Exchange for Clinic Directors
Boester, Strong, Whitelaw

132 Students, 7 Professional Groups, 6 Tertiary Institutes and One Hospital: Interprofessional Collaboration on the Smell of an Oily Rag
Williams, Cavendish, Flood, McKinstry, Purdy, Wright
Williams, Cavendish, Flood1
Williams, Cavendish, Flood2
Williams, Cavendish, Flood3
Williams, Cavendish, Flood4
Williams, Cavendish, Flood5

Workforce Capacity: How Student Recruitment And Graduation Rates Impact Audiology
Windmill, Freeman

Enhance Communication between Fieldwork Supervisors and off Campus Graduate Students
Cimino, Rosenthal, Whitaker

CAPCSD Global Networking: Enhancing Global Service, Teaching, and Research
Hallowell, Fernandes, Louko, Ratner

The Preparation of Clinical Educators: CAPCSD Working Group Report
Bruce, Gavett, Klick, McCollum, Peaper-Fillyaw, Robinson, Scott

Cultural Awareness in Au.D. Admissions, Coursework and Clinical Education
McCarthy, Meyer, Schupbach

Evidence-Based Telepractice with Individuals with Autism and Other Communication Disorders

A New Model for Undergraduate Preparation in CSD

Critical Thinking: Knowledge and Skills for Our Future Professionals

Teaching Audiology Reporting for the Medical Setting
Stach, Ramachandran

Teaching Undergraduates Through Research and Other High Impact Practices
Jablon, Behrens, Signorelli, Shakibai, Lowry, Crowe, Falconer

Preparing SLPs to appropriately serve bilingual and culturally diverse clients: Education abroad experiences in Ecuador and Cambodia
Gildersleeve-Neumann, Meyer, Jakielski

SLPs and AuDs Go Global: A Research-Based Cross-Linguistic Consortium
Louw, Williams, Scherer, Bleile

Updates in ACAE
Hunter, Gordon

Updates in ABA

Plenary B: Social Media: It Ain't Going Away
Jelen, Randeree

Developing a Business Plan for Your Clinic
Michael, DeRuiter

More Students, Less Supervisors, Better Diagnostic Training Please
Ingram, Bacon, Roth
Ingram, Bacon, Roth1
Ingram, Bacon, Roth2
Ingram, Bacon, Roth3
Ingram, Bacon, Roth4

Higher Education System (HES) Update and Data Reports for the CSD Education Survey
Nunez, Vander Woude

Block Schedule: A Model for Integrating Research and Practice
Salvatore, Sirmon-Taylor, Nelson, Valles

I’ll Do Better Next Semester: Adventures In Undergraduate Advising
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling1
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling2
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling3
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling4
Nelson, Visconti, Steppling5

CCC-A: Status of Preceptors and Use of 4th Year Waiver
Emanuel, Buck, Whitelaw

An Open Mic Forum: Updates and Future Plans for CAA
Madison, Flahive

An Open Mic Forum: Updates and Future Plans for CFCC
Page, Flahive

This is a Disaster! Electronic Records, Disaster Recovery Plans, HIPAA & the HITECH Act
Scott, Raleigh

Creating a Cross-University Joint Undergraduate Degree Program
Schwarz, Harkrider

Unbundling: The Future of Audiology Starts in University Audiology Clinics

Making a Case for Interprofessional Education
Prelock, Apel

Engaging Students to Facilitate Collaborative Learning and Critical Thinking
Moore, Talbott, Estis, Gordon-Hickey

Alternative Clinical Education-The Future is Now
Alarcon, Buder, Dudding, Ingram, Klick, Lougeay, Madison, Tullos, Williams
Alarcon, Buder, Dudding1
Alarcon, Buder, Dudding2
Alarcon, Buder, Dudding3
Alarcon, Buder, Dudding4

The Audiology Praxis Exam: What You and Your Students Need To Know
Lucks Mendel, Koehnke, Diefendorf, Waguespack, Pruner
Lucks Mendel, Koehnke, Diefendorf1
Lucks Mendel, Koehnke, Diefendorf2
Lucks Mendel, Koehnke, Diefendorf3

Study Abroad: Planning and Development, Successes and Challenges
Vance, Krishnan, Simpson
Vance, Krishnan, Simpson1
Vance, Krishnan, Simpson2

Scaffolding Clinical Experiences for First-Year Graduate Students

Using SOTL to Measure the Success of Alternative Educational Models
Ginsberg, Visconti, Friberg

Creating a Map for Success: AuD/PhD Recruitment, Programming, and Funding
Nelson, DeRuiter

Welcome to My World: The Student Perspective
Franzluebbers, Utianski, Dickerson, Wark, Hageman

Framing CAPCSD’s Future
Apel and CAPCSD Board of Directors

Clinical Doctorate in SLP: Where Are We Now?
McNeil, Golper, Creaghead, Ferraro
McNeil, Golper, Creaghead1
McNeil, Golper, Creaghead2

What Would You Do? Case Studies Dealing with Challenging Students
Tyler, Roush

Two Accreditation Bodies…What’s an Audiology Program to Do?
Mundy, Champlin

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