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2014 Conference Proceedings

Developing Your Potential


Orlando, Florida

CAPCSD Board of Directors


Melody Harrison
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Judith Vander Woude
Calvin College

Past President
Kenn Apel
University of South Carolina

Colleen O’Roarke
Georgia State University

Mark DeRuiter
University of Minnesota

Vice President for Communications
Mary Hardin-Jones
University of Wyoming

Vice President for Professional Development
Lisa Scott
Florida State University

Vice President for Research & Academic Development
Sarah Ginsberg
Eastern Michigan University

Vice President for Standards & Credentials
Carol C. Dudding
James Madison University

Vice President for Student Development
Rich Folsom
University of Washington

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Preconference, CYA! FERPA, HIPAA, ADA…Which Acronym Scares YOU The Most?
Jackson, Meadows-Keefe, & Van Slyke
Meadows-Keefe HIPAA
Van Slyke ADA

Welcome, President’s Address

Plenary A: Intentional Leadership: Harnessing Potential In People & Programs
Ripich & Whitelaw

Healthcare Reimbursement Update Part I
Nikjeh & Fifer

Healthcare Reimbursement Update Part II
Nikjeh & Fifer

Program Directors’ Problem-Solving & Information Exchange
Apel, Roush (Handouts not available)

Understanding HIPAA Compliance

Developing Leadership Potential In Students

The Clinical Doctorate In Speech-Language Pathology: National Stakeholder Survey Results
DeRuiter, McNeil, & Nunez

Infusing Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum: From First-Year to Graduation
Meline, Storkel, Brady, Blossom 1
Meline, Storkel, Brady, & Blossom 2

Dealing With Difficult People: Working With YOU Is Killing Me!

Interprofessional Education: Two Departments’ Perspectives
Dayalu, Neubauer, Shulman, Pinto Zipp, Scherz, & Coufal

Worklife Balance For Clinic Directors: Oxymoron? Or Possibility?
DeRuiter, Taylor, Boester, & Wark

Creating Meaningful Team-Based Learning Application Activities To Enhance Critical Thinking
Gordon-Hickey & Estis

Preparing Students For Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: A Curriculum Model
Lof & Knab

Results Of The CAPCSD Salary Survey
Hardin-Jones (Handouts not available)

Community Engaged Teaching & Research
Louko & Zebrowski

A Hybrid Distance Education Model For the Master’s Degree Program
Richard & Throneburg

Expanding Capacity To Address SLP Shortages In Schools
Ingram & Bacon

Creative Partnerships That Meet University, Community, & Personal Needs
Ford & Bahr

The Methodology and Structure of the ABA Practice Analysis in Audiology (PA-AUD)

CAA Update
Besing & Dudding


CSDCAS/WebAdMIT for SuperUsers
Masterson & Tyler

MERLOT Updates

Student Privacy: Questions & Answers About FERPA

An Innovative Practicum Model: Developing Mentoring & Coaching Skills
Bryant & Delsandro

Student Entitlement And Teacher Communication
Ginsberg, Friberg, & Visconti

Higher Education System (HES) Update and Data Reports for the CSD Education Survey
Hardin-Jones & Nunez

ACAE's 2014 Update and Review of the Newly Revised Standards
Hunter, Gordon

CFCC Update

Introduction to CSDCAS
Scudder, Meyer (Handouts not available)

Balancing Quantity & Quality: Measuring Productivity of University Clinical Supervisors
Kleinhans & Hart

Instructional Innovations In Teaching And Supervising The “ADA Generation”
Seal & Hanks

Social Media In The Health Sciences
Nelson & Burdick

An Internationalized Classroom Using Research Teams
Williams & Louw

Plenary B:Assessing Student Competencies: Models From Other Professions and Other Places
Bogo, Fitzgerald, McAllister (Handouts not available)

Considerations for Students with Disabilities
Van Slyke

Problem Solving and Information Exchange – Clinical Directors
Messick, Taylor ((Handouts not available)

Improving Our Clinical And Research Personnel: Government Funding Opportunities For Training
Speakers to be announced (Handouts not available)

Health Care Reform, The Health Care Summit, And Interprofessional Education
Apel, Fagan, McNeilly, Moore, & Nunez

Risk Management In University Clinics

CAPCSD Global Networking: Enhancing Global Service, Teaching, & Research
Hallowell, Crowley, Drayton, Fernandez Dreux, & Stokes

Exploring Flipping the Classroom with CSD Graduate Students
Kempster &Tessler

Two Approaches to Promoting 21st Century Cultural Competence in CDS
Jarmulowicz, McCarthy, Meyer, & Schupbach

Budgets 101: Conceptualizing & Working Your Budget

ASHA Academic Affairs Board: Addressing The PhD Shortage
Koehnke, McNeil, Chapman, Folsom, & Nunez

Competency Based Assessment of Practicum: Lessons Learned DownUnder
McAllister 1
McAllister 2
McAllister 3

Sowing Seeds: Routinely Implementing Single Subject Designs In Clinical Practice
Milosky & Eckert (Handouts not available)

Lessons From SuperClinic: Fostering Independence In The AuD Third Year

Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative: The Interprofessionalism Assessment (IPA)
Nunez, Frost, & Adams

Developing Interprofessional Coursework In Ethics
Newman & Britten

Using Our Resources to Develop CAPCSD’s Leadership Potential
Harrison (Handouts not available)

Colleagues Behaving Badly: Bullying In Academia
Chavez Rudolph

Monitoring Outcomes For Effective Student And Program Management
Cokley & Eddins

Developing Professionalism Potential In Students
Schupbach & Wolter

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