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2018 Conference Proceedings

A New Perspective In Academia
Renew, Refresh, Refocus

Austin, Texas
April 11-14, 2018

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Mark DeRuiter, Ph.D., M.B.A.

The University of Arizona

Past President
Lisa Scott, Ph.D.
Florida State University

Lisa Luck Mendel, Ph.D.
University of Memphis

Katie Strong, Ph.D.
Central Michigan University

VP for Research & Scholarship
Vikram Dayalu, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Seton Hall University

Julie Scherz, Ph.D.

Wichita State University

VP for Professional Development

Jennifer Taylor, Au.D.
University of Memphis

VP for Academic Development
Ann Eddins, Ph.D, M.B.A.
University of South Florida

VP for Communication
Paula Currie, Ph.D.

Southeastern Louisiana University

VP for Standards, Credentials, & Clinical Education
Elaine Mormer, Ph.D., CCC-A

University of Pittsburgh

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Pre-conference session –Renew: Changing the Culture of Accreditation

Thursday, April 12, 2018

An Innovative Immersive Clinic Model for Improving Clinical Training

Building Sense of Community Improves Undergraduate Student Engagement and Well-Being

CAA Update

CAPCSD eLearning: What’s Up?

Critical Thinking as a Professional Competency: Task Force Update

Grant Writing: A Hybrid and Team Teaching Approach

Student Recruitment: Upping Your Game With WebAdmit

What to Do: Students’ Religious Beliefs and Clinical Training

CALIPSO for Academic and Clinical Tracking

Innovative Learning for Inclusive Practice

Constructive Responses to Pressures to Grow Your University Audiology Clinic

Interprofessional Teams Enhance Community Outreach and Clinical Education

Tele-Supervision of Computer-Based Clinical Simulations: a Pilot Study

CFCC Update

Dealing with Difficult Faculty: Protecting Yourself from Toxic Work Environments

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Chairs 101

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Clinic Directors 101

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Program Directors 101

Specifications Grading: What Is It and Lessons Learned

Developing and Sustaining a Collaborative Interprofessional Rehabilitation Clinic: Lessons Learned

How Do You Look? Improving your Program’s CSDCAS Image

IPE Update: How to Infuse IPP/IPE Into Your Curriculum

PRAXIS Data Mining Workshop

Supply and Demand for Clinical and Research Personnel

To Remediate or Not: A Model for Clinical Remediation

Update on ACAE and Best Practices in Diagnostic Audiology Today

Exploring Academic Leadership: Is College/University Administration Right for Me?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Refocus: Connecting the Classroom to the Clinic

Improving Diversity in Our Field: Adopting an Intentional Admissions Process

A Guide to Best Practices in Simulations in CSD

Getting Organized: Taking Control of Your Schedule, Workspace, and Habits

IPE/IPP Integration into the Curriculum

Know Your Applicants AND Your Competition: Using WebAdmit Reporting Tools

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Chairs 201

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Program Directors 201

Problem Solving and Information Exchange - Clinic Directors 201

Improving University Audiology Clinic Experience and Creating Patient Transformation

Increasing PhD Admissions and Retention

Innovative Approaches to Successful Externships in Audiology

Innovative Approaches to Successful Externships in SLP

Navigating Faculty Transitions

Strengthening our Undergraduate Programs

Supervisor Workload: How to Determine Clinical Productivity Expectations

Who Is the 21st Century Student?

Implementing Clinical Simulation in CSD Programs

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Harnessing the Power of Students in Faculty Research

Teaching Students to Practice at the Top of the License

Incorporating Interviews in the Admissions Process

The Academic Administrator's Role in Medicare

Faculty Workload: How to Determine Faculty Productivity Expectations

Implementation Research: Exploring Implications for CSD Programs

The Evidence Base for Facilitating Students’ Clinical Report Writing Skills

Undergraduate Education in Audiology: Two Roads to Success

Rethinking Recommendation Letters: Why? What? Who? How?

The Council appreciates the generous support from the 2019 Annual Conference sponsors and exhibitors.

  • Academy Solutions, LLC
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association –
    Continuing Education Program
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s
    Council for Clinical Certification
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation
  • Blue Tree Publishing
  • ClinicNote, Inc.
  • Communication on Academic Accreditation in Audiology & speech-Pathology—CAA

  • Communication Sciences Disorders Centralized
    Application Services (CSDCAS)
  • CVI
  • EBS Healthcare
  • ETS
  • Fuel Medical Group
  • Intelligent Video Solutions
  • Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Master Clinician Network
  • MedHub
  • OtoSim, Inc.
  • PENTAX Medical
  • Plural Publishing, Inc.
  • Point and Click Solutions, Inc.
  • SimuCase
  • SLACK Incorporated
  • TherapyEd
  • Typhon Group LLC

The Council wishes to thank all volunteers and the 2019 CAPCSD Conference Planning Committee.

JoAnn Cascia – Chair

Michael Bamdad – Member at Large

Jayne Brandel – Member at Large

Lynn Flahive – Member at Large

Scott Griffiths – Member at Large

Jennifer Taylor - Monitoring Officer

Deborah Ortiz – CAPCSD Executive Director

Ned Campbell – CAPCSD Director of Meetings and Continuing Education

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