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2021 Conference Proceedings

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Beyond Innovation: Challenge to Change
Virtual Conference
April 8th - April 10th, 2021

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Carol Dudding, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
James Madison University

Michael Bamdad, M.A., CCC-SLP
The George Washington University

Kathy Shapley, Ph.D.
Mississippi University for Women

VP for Clinical Education
Resource Development
Elaine Mormer, Ph.D.

University of Pittsburg

VP for Program Resource
Tricia Montgomery, Ph.D.

Florida State University

VP for Professional Development
Mark DeRuiter, M.B.A., Ph.D., CCC-A/SLP

University of Pittsburgh

Past President
Ann Eddins, Ph.D.,M.B.A

University of South Florida

Jayne Brandel, Ph.D.

West Virginia University

VP for Organizational
Jennifer Taylor, Au.D.
University of Memphis

VP for Academic Affairs and
Research Education
Vikram Dayalu, Ph.D
Seton Hall University

VP for Strategic Initiatives
Jennifer Simpson, Au.D.

Purdue University

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Council of Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA) Update

Guidelines for Implementing Graduate Student Telepractice Training Programs

Lessons Learned From Teaching During a Pandemic: Improved Pedagogy from Remote Teaching

Building an Academic Community that is Diverse, Accomplished, and Collegial

How Policies and Procedures Can Create Inclusivity in CSD

Solving the Supervisory Bottleneck: 2:1 Supervision

Community Conversations: Sharing a Model

Distance Education: Trends, Realities and Perceptions About Distance Learning in CSD Programs

Interviewing Processes for Facilitating Holistic Admissions in Graduate Programs

Lessons Learned from Teaching During a Pandemic: Improving Our Teaching With Technology


CARE in Distance: Assessing Clinical Empathy of Novice Clinicians Engaged in Telepractice

Pragmatic Humanism in CSD: Engaging Rural, White Students in Diversity Education

Web Application Solutions for Tracking CAA and CFCC Standards

Connecting SLP Graduate Students to Their Future; Telepractice Pedagogy in the Classroom

Graduate Student Clinicians Preparedness and Experiences Providing Clinical Services During Covid-19

Student Satisfaction Differences Between Live and Virtual Simulation Experiences in Interprofessional Education

Supporting a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse CSD Student Community at Hofstra University

Survey Responses Assessing Telehealth Perceptions in Graduate Students, Faculty, Clients, and Family

Using a Virtual Evaluation Study to Provide Clinical Experiences to Graduate Students

Analysis of the Au.D. Externship Application Process

Characteristics of Good Audiologists - Are We Biased?

Essential Functions in CSD: Content and Implementation Analysis

Making Technology Your Supervision Superpower

Zooming in on Interprofessional Practice Opportunities Through Experiences in Service-Learning

A Framework for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Being Activity Antiracist: One Program's Strategic Plan to Decenter Whiteness

Integrating Virtual Clinical Education into Graduate Programs During the Pandemic and Beyond

Confronting Systemic Racism in CSD: A Roadmap for Academic Training Programs

Servant Leadership in Higher Education

Transforming Entry-level Education for SLPs: What Might It Look Like

Friday, April 12, 2021

Effective Hearing Competencies Obtained Through Simulated Patients for SLP Students

Role of Personal Wellness in Preventing Student (and Faculty) Burn-Out

The Value of an Undergraduate CSD Education

Transforming Courses to Be More Inclusive

The Introvert's Guide to Academic Leadership

ACAE (ABA Join Presentation)

Adventures in Creating Simulated Experiences

Budget Basics

Data on Your Side: Supply and Demand for Faculty-Researchers and Clinicians

Got CSDCAS? Increase Efficiency for Informed Application Decisions with Centralized Application Service

Preparing a Collaborative Practice Ready Workforce: Report on IPE/IPP in Academic Programs

How Generational Biases Hold Us Back: Increasing Cross-Generational Communication

Telesupervision of Simulations: How to Facilitate Debrief Sessions and Evaluate Reflective Discussions

Changing a Hands-On Service Learning Course to Virtual

Companions on a Journey: A Virtual Interprofessional Case Discussion

Creating Simulations for Hearing Competencies for SLP Students

Instructors, Clinical Educators, and Speech-Language Therapy Students Collaborate in Translational Learning

Making Remote Learning Active and Meaningful: Service Learning for SLP Graduate Students

State Advocacy: Leadership Lessons Learned

Gender of Authors in ASHA ResearchJournals: 2014 -2020

Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP): Two Years Later, Lessons Learned

Portfolios as a Master's Degree Capstone Project

Teaching Transnasal Endoscopy 2020: Transition to Remote Learning Using Plumber's Endoscopes

ZOOM BOOM! Effectiveness of School-age Language Assessment Measures Through Tele-therapy

CAPCSD Honors and Awards Recognitions 

Communicating the Value of Our Professions: Professional and Program Advocacy

CFCC Update

Beyond Xs and Os: A Hybride Telehealth Clinical Practicum Experiences in Audiology Administration/Management

A Critical Disclosure of Analysis of Essential Functions Through a Social Justice Lens

Community Engagement: How Can Our Clinical Support Our Community?

Motivating Faculty

Supporting Students, Clients, and Colleagues Who Identify as LGBTQIA+

Saturday, April 13, 2021

Admissions to Graduate School; Evidence for Use of the GRE, GPA, Written Essays

Transforming Culture Through the Education for Clinical Interprofessional Simulation (ECIIPSE) Program

A Vision for Anti-Racism in CSD Academic Programs

Clinical Educator e-Learning Courses - Refreshed and Relaunched!

Global Models in Tele-Audiology

The "New Normal" For Clinical Education: Telesupervision

Work-Life Balance

Examining Essential Functions Through the Lens of Diversity and Inclusion

Pivoting to Virtual Clinic Learning: Covid-19 Strengthens an Interfacility Partnership

An Innovative Look at Assessment and Evaluation of Clinical Educators

Diving into the CSDCAS Data: Benefits to Programs, Universities, and the Profession

It's About Power: The Power Imbalance of "isms" in Society

Supporting LGBTQIA+ People in CSD Education: Including Intersectionality in the Conversation

Motherhood in Our Academy: Results of a National Survey

Career Ladder for Administrators

Enhancing Student Engagement in the Remote Learning Environment

Framework for Evaluating and Vetting Off-Campus Placements

IPE/IPP CAPCSD Committee Presentation: Everyone Can Do IPP!

Recruiting Historically Excluded Students for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology


The Council appreciates the generous support from the 2021 Annual Conference sponsors and exhibitors.

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    Application Services (CSDCAS)
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The Council wishes to thank all volunteers and the 2021 CAPCSD Conference Planning Committee.

Heidi Verticchio – Chair

Valarie Fleming– Member at Large

Laura Smith-Olinde – Member at Large

Hanna Siburt  – Member at Large

Danielle Varnedoe – Member at Large

Tricia Montgomery – Vice President for Program Resource Development

Deborah Ortiz – CAPCSD Executive Director

Ned Campbell – CAPCSD Director of Meetings and Continuing Education

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