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Wordly PowerPoint Slides

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Wordly - AI powered translation and captioning

  • Important: First PowerPoint slide in ALL sessions must be Wordly slide!
  • Wordly is an AI-powered conference translation tool increasing inclusivity and engagement.
  • Wordly slides including a QR code are per meeting room, ensure you download slide for meeting room(s) in which your session(s) is(are) assigned.
  • QR code allows attendees to see live translation of session for note-taking and visual assistance and to connect to live audio through their device for hearing assistance.
  • What if I already uploaded my PowerPoint slides? Please remove that file, add the Wordly slide as your first slide, and re-upload PowerPoint slides.

St. Charles - KVTD-8096

Carondelet - JFHB-2449

Iberville - ZTGC-6193

Salon F-G - VVFQ-4274

Salon H - UGRC-2315

Balcony I-J - FRPX-5831

Balcony K - DHAD-0212

Balcony L - ACDO-3324

Balcony M - DRXN-0126

Balcony N - WWHQ-9034

Contact Mandie McKenzie with questions.

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