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CAPCSD Admissions Committee

Application Deadline: Friday, June 23, 2023

The Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders is pleased to announce an open call for members who wish to serve on the CAPCSD Admissions Committee.

We encourage applicants from both Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology programs. The Admissions Committee has played a significant role in (1) the formation, development, and ongoing success of the centralized application service (CSDCAS), and (2) providing resources that advance admissions procedures, practices, and outcomes in the CSD fields.

Committee membership is selected by the CAPCSD Board of Directors and is for a two-year term, starting July 1, 2023.

Interested candidates must meet the required qualifications and be willing to carry out the duties of the CSDCAS committee as outlined below. The required qualifications are:

  • An appointment at a CAPCSD member program.
  • A working knowledge of graduate admissions, including the student applicant perspective.
  • The ability to network with professional peers and serve in a mentorship role.

This is a working committee and committee members can anticipate attending 1-2 meetings per month with some monthly offline work. The anticipated workload, including meeting attendance, is approximately 3-5 hours per month. There is no compensation for serving on the committee. Among other activities, the committee helps prepare presentations, execute the CSDCAS Open Data Initiative, represent CSDCAS at conferences, and provide valuable content and feedback across the admissions space. Within the general charge, committee members must suggest and advance specific priorities and activities for the committee.

The Admissions Committee is comprised of three (3) subcommittees:

  • Data subcommittee - e.g., interest/experience in data analysis, large-scale data management
  • Recruitment subcommittee - e.g., student recruitment, connections
  • Resource sub-committee - e.g., program resources, retention

There are currently openings on all three subcommittees, including a particular need for an individual with a strong quantitative skillset to serve on the Data subcommittee.

Application Deadline is Friday, June 23, 2023

To be considered, submit a CV and letter of interest with your intentions and qualifications to serve on one of the subcommittees to Megan Woods,

The letter of interest should briefly address the following three points:

  • Your evidence/experience for meeting the required qualifications.
  • Which subcommittee excites you most, and what skills you will bring to its service.
  • A challenge in the admissions space that you would be keen to address.

If you have questions regarding the Admissions Committee, please contact Megan Woods ( or Rachel M. Theodore (

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