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Integrating CSDCAS Data Into Your Campus Systems

Once you have gathered data about all of your applicants through CSDCAS, you will likely need to make sure that this data moves to your campus student information system (e.g. Banner, Slate, TargetX, etc.). Having a data transfer process also eliminates the need for you to ask applicants to complete a supplemental application for your university.

Integrating the data gathered from CSDCAS into your campus Student Information System (SIS) is a key part of a smooth business process for you, as well as for your applicants. To facilitate this process, we have developed a few important resources for you.

Webinar on How to Develop a CSDCAS Data Integration Plan

This webinar walks you through all of the key steps needed to develop your plan to integrate your CSDCAS data with your campus SIS. It covers the importance of the process so that you can make the case for doing it on your campus, sample timelines and project plans for staff needs, and work that can be done with and without IT staff resources. It also highlights the resources available in the Data Integration Help Center.

It is hosted by Greg Martin, a Client Delivery Manager with Liaison and Melissa Fruscione, the Director of Admissions at St. Mary's College and member of the CSDCAS committee.

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