One of the core benefits of a centralized application service is access to data about the state of CSD admissions nation-wide. This can come in the form of the annual Applicant Data Report, your own individual comparative reports, or one of the ways we are using CSDCAS data to answer questions about CSD admissions.

2018-2019 Admissions Cycle by the Numbers

Total submitted SLP applicants in CSDCAS
Total submitted Audiology applicants in CSDCAS
Average number of applications submitted by applicants who received at least one offer
Average number of submitted applications per SLP program
Average number of submitted applications per Audiology program

Applicant Data Report

Data from the 2017-2018 Admissions Cycle, including average number of applicants per program, demographics of accepted applicants vs. entire pool, etc.

Request Data to be included in the annual applicant data report

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