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One of the key benefits of a centralized application service is access to data about the state of CSD admissions nationwide. This can come in the form of the annual Applicant Data Report, your own individual comparative reports found in WebAdMIT, or requesting access to the entire CSDCAS data set for your own research studies.

Applicant Data Report

Data from the 2022-2023 Admissions Cycle that includes average number of applicants per program, demographics of accepted applicants vs. entire pool, and other metrics.

2022-2023 Admissions Cycle by the Numbers

SLP applicants in CSDCAS
Audiology applicants in CSDCAS
Average number of submitted applications per SLP program
Average number of submitted applications per Audiology program

CSDCAS Open Data Inititive

This initiative provides a mechanism for faculty (and their trainees) at CAPCSD member institutions to conduct research using the rich data set provided by CSDCAS. By providing access to these data, we aim to jumpstart a more rigorous understanding of the graduate admissions process in the CSD fields, which will ultimately support data-driven solutions to admissions challenges.

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