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Program Spotlights 2023-2024

Each month of the calendar is designated as the national month for many groups that speech-language pathologists and audiologists serve. In addition, many single dates are recognized as days of remembrance for people we serve. CAPCSD would like to recognize programs who go above and beyond to serve these special groups. 

Valdosta State University

Valdosta State University has partnered with the Scottish-Rite Foundation since 2020 in order to provide literacy-based services for those living in south Georgia. Through their efforts, over 2,500 children have been screened for early warning signs of dyslexia. In addition, evidence-based interventions have been provided for well over 200 children within the community in their year-round dyslexia clinic. Perhaps most importantly, all VSU SLP students have received hands-on experience in screening, assessing, and treating literacy disorders through this partnership. All of these services have been provided free-of-charge due to the overwhelming generosity of the Scottish-Rite Foundation. For more information, please visit or

a poster for a children's program
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